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Tunis Coffee Festival is an annual pioneering event that gathers industry professionals and customers, creating a unique momentum in the emerging Tunisian coffee scene. There is an increasing interest in modern coffee culture, as coffee is already deeply rooted within Tunisian tradition. 

This annual event, held in 2023 at the Palace of Exhibitions in Kram, hosted numerous Tunisian and international companies, creating a diverse panorama of all related industries. 

We at Ben Rahim are proud to be an integral and founding part of the festival, offering a diverse and intensive program including tastings, cuppings, and workshops covering all important aspects of the coffee profession.

Thus, we are facilitating an exchange point and fostering connections among coffee professionals, aspiring and talented baristas, experts, and customers. 

Visitors had the opportunity to taste the various coffee profiles we work with and gain a better understanding of our philosophy and processes.

In the professional realm, we were proud to introduce to the Tunisian professional community the innovations and equipment from our partners, such as Rancilio Espresso machines and BWT water filters.

The highlight of the program is the Barista Championship, now in its second successful edition after its launch in 2022. 

The competition featured two disciplines: Latte Art and Cezwe. This platform not only uncovers new talents but also promotes the barista profession, inspiring young individuals in Tunisia. 

This year, we were honored to host an international jury of experts and Tunisian participants coming from various European countries. 

The winner of the competition receives a winner's cup along with a cash prize.