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A modern, third-wave international coffee company with an Arabic twist, proudly stands as the first specialty coffee shop in Tunisia.

The 1st specialty coffee in Tunisia

BEN RAHIM sources and roasts specialty beans, of the highest quality available in the market. The most crucial aspect of our coffee is the green bean sourcing process. We go to great lengths to find the best beans available, ensuring that they receive the highest score before we roast them.

This commitment to detail sets our coffee apart from the rest.

BEN RAHIM is not serving sugar at all.

We do not only take a stand against tampering high quality coffee with sugar, we also serve hand-brewed coffee without milk.  

At BEN RAHIM, you can find a truly rare and unique gem - coffee from Yemen, of Yemenia variety. We are dedicated to promoting Yemeni coffee.



We produce professional-grade cezwe. Each pot is hand formed and hand-hammered by artisans in a small studio in Tunisia.


Discover the ultimate cezwe experience, representing traditional Arabic hospitality

The style of Ben Rahim originates in our coffee shop, but its essence extends beyond, encompassing various situations throughout the city. Our clothing pieces are not only suitable for baristas but can also be worn in everyday settings by those who resonate with the vibe.

The Tunis Coffee Festival stands as a vibrant celebration of coffee culture, drawing enthusiasts and professionals alike to indulge in the rich world of coffee. Spearheaded by the Ben Rahim Coffee Company, this annual event, started in 2022, has become a cornerstone in Tunisia's coffee scene, showcasing the nation's growing appreciation for specialty coffee.

Ben Rahim's vision and dedication have been instrumental in curating an array of events within the festival, from educational workshops and tastings to interactive demonstrations.

Among the festival's highlights is the highly anticipated Barista competition, where talented Tunisian baristas showcase their skills in crafting exquisite latte art and brewing techniques. This competition not only fosters friendly competition but also elevates the craft of coffee-making, inspiring innovation and excellence within the industry.

In 2023, the competition was held in two disciplines,

  • Latte Art, the art of creating patterns using milk microfoam over a shot of espresso
  • Cezwe Brewing, a traditional coffee brewing method, emblematic for the Tunisian culture


The 3rd edition is scheduled for the 1st week of October in Tunis.

Plan your stay to attend and participate!


A long-time coffee partner of prestigious events, such as Tunis Fashion Week, Ben Rahim offers a truly special coffee experience for your public and private festivities.


Sugarless coffee

Discover our philosophy and why we refrain from using any sugar, and from milk in filter and cezwe coffee, allowing the natural sweetness and flavors to shine

Exceptional Arabic hospitality

Explore our process of working with coffee with a rich history and diverse array of flavors