Our mission is to provide you with a pure, high-quality coffee experience while educating you about coffee and its delicious tasting notes. To achieve this, we take a firm stance and do not sweeten your coffee with sugar. We source premium, hand-picked coffee beans that undergo careful processing and roasting, resulting in a naturally fruity and sweet coffee that requires no added sugar. This allows you to savor the coffee's natural flavors.


There's no milk in our filter coffee or ibrik. Our commitment to delivering a high-quality coffee experience is why we exclusively serve hand-brewed coffee and ibrik without milk. It saddens us to see milk added to a beautifully light roasted filter coffee, as it can mask the delicate aromas. Instead, we choose to showcase the tasting notes by serving it in its pure form.

"No Spoons"

For drinks with milk, our microfoam milk is perfectly blended with the creamy espresso, eliminating the need for stirring with a spoon.
For drinks with out milk, we utilize our unique handmade Ancap 8oz cups for serving espresso. Before serving, we ensure that there are no bubbles, and we gently sway the espresso to prevent the need for spoons to disrupt the crema. You can easily enjoy your espresso thanks to our special cup design.


The resources of our staff are precious.

That’s why we chose to only accept card payment for our shop in Germany and let our team focus on a great coffee and customer service experience instead of cash handling.

We eagerly promote card payment in Tunisia as well. Through our no-cash-policy, we save a lot of time that we invest in communication with and service to our customers.