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The Tunisian Barista Championship serves as a celebration of the vibrant coffee culture in Tunisia and a reminder of the talent and innovation that continues to drive the industry forward.

After a highly successful inaugural launch in 2022, the 2nd edition took place in 2023 during the Tunis Coffee Festival. The competition featured an international panel of judges and attracted a large number of participants from various locations across Tunisia and around the world. Now, in 2024, we are excited to announce the upcoming 3rd edition.

The competition is open to every Tunisian, whether a skilled professional or a talented beginner, allowing them to showcase their skills, passion, and talent in coffee.

The competition is held in two categories: Latte Art and Cezwe. The winner of each category receives a trophy cup and a cash prize.

Latte art is a captivating form of artistic expression within the world of coffee. Baristas skillfully manipulate steamed milk to pour delicate shapes. This meticulous process requires a keen eye for detail, precision in pouring, and a deep understanding of milk texture and consistency. Latte art not only enhances the visual appeal of a coffee drink but also reflects the barista's dedication to craftsmanship and their ability to transform a simple beverage into a work of art.

Rules: You can bring your own jugs or use ours. It's a knockout format competition, with one barista at a time. Each participant receives two 200ml flat white cups. Ben Rahim's barista pours your shots, and then you steam your own milk and split your jugs. Pour your best latte art, with the focus on Hearts, Tulips, and Rosettas only. Latte art starts at 6 o'clock.

Competitors choose their best cup and present it forward for judging. The Judges assess various criteria including the texture of milk, contrast of colors, fullness of cup, symmetry, size, and definition of pattern, as well as the level of difficulty. They also look out for any spillages, milk wastage, and finger placement on the cup.

The reigning champion of the 2023 Latte Art competition is Hajer ben Rahim.

Cezwe coffee boasts a harmonious balance of sweetness, acidity, and bitterness.

Rules: A simple cezwe is prepared with unflavored water and various dosages of coffee, depending on the coffee and the grind. No additional ingredients are allowed in preparation or at service. Cezwe coffee must be served in the same cup used for evaluation by sensory judges. This cup should be a traditional cezwe cup with a capacity of 50-110ml, filled to 5mm below the cup rim, including crema.

Cezwe coffee must be prepared using an external heat source. Competitors may use only a single serve cezwe to prepare their beverages.

Competitors are judged on the consistency of their preparation. The judges look for cezwe brewing skills, serving accuracy (cup cleanliness, absence of spills), crema texture, and taste.

The reigning champion of the 2023 Cezwe competition is Bassem Abida.