We at Ben Rahim chose Ibrik / Cezwe as a flagship product as it has always been one of our favorite coffee drinks. Cezwe boasts ancient roots, and in our home country, Tunisia, it is a well-liked beverage.

However, cezwe was often overlooked in the modern coffee scene. Determined to change this perception, we decided that cezwe is a great beverage to incorporate into the third-wave movement.

It holds great potential and flavors when one invests the time to craft the perfect cezwe.

Cezwe Brew Guide

1. We recommend using a ratio of 100g of coffee per liter of water wich, for a normal pot, will mean starting with 7g of coffee.

2. Grind the coffee very finely, as you would for espresso, so it resembles caster sugar.

3. Add the freshly ground coffee to the cezwe.

4. Slowly pour the correct amount of 60°C water (70g if using 7g of coffee) into the pot over the ground coffee then stir well.

5. Place the coffee pot over the heat source and adjust to obtain an optimal brew time which should be between 2-2,5 minutes.

6. When the foam begins to rise towards the rim, remove the ibrik from the heat, then pour slowly into a cup.

7. It is advised to wait a bit before tasting cezwe coffee, as it becomes slightly sweeter over time.

Cezwe is always available on our drinks menu in all of our coffee shops. You can choose your cezwe drink from a selection of specialty beans.

Over time, we felt the need to take a new step by producing our own coffee pots under our own brand.

Now, in partnership with a small artisan studio in Tunisia, we have crafted the perfect shape and formula to achieve an ideal cezwe for the perfect brewing process.

This initiative allows us to proudly continue supporting culture and craftsmanship in Tunisia.

Discover the process

Discover the process